Case studies

See how we implement laser-focused strategies and leverage our relationships with influencers to get meaningful results for our clients.

Making the Most of Milestones

Milestones – whether they’re positive or negative, clinical, regulatory, or corporate in nature – represent critical opportunities to tell your story and deliver key messages. Handled the right way, milestones can yield positive, balanced media coverage that includes your company’s point of view. Handled the wrong way, milestones can cause unnecessary scrutiny, volatility and impair a company’s operating environment.

6 Degrees has deep experience and a successful track record of helping companies make the most of milestones.

Building Thought Leadership

“Thought leader” has become a buzzword used to describe someone who is recognized for his or her innovative ideas, credible perspectives and industry expertise. The benefits of successful thought leadership can be plentiful, including differentiation of executives and offerings from the competition, more new business or partnering prospects, increased sales and enhanced reputation, and confidence among key stakeholders.

6 Degrees has extensive experience and success in partnering with our clients to build their thought-leadership profiles by leveraging bylined articles, speaking engagements and media relations. We identify and secure opportunities in the venues where our clients’ ideas will best be heard by target stakeholders. And we have relationships in the places that matter.

Increasing Interest and Awareness

6 Degrees has worked with many companies to successfully drive interest and awareness of what matters to them. Whether the ultimate goal is to attract potential partners or make more people aware of an important initiative or point of view, we have provided effective and efficient ways for our clients to share their key messages in a manner that often yields positive, business-changing results.