Media Relations

6 Degrees loves to talk with media. Just ask our journalist friends.

We have well-established relationships with the top-tier financial and consumer, trade and online media who reach our clients’ target stakeholders. We know what they want and need, and how (and when) best to put our clients and their ideas in front of them. The result: high-profile stories that produce great returns for clients, including enhanced reputation, thought leadership and new business or partnering prospects.

What journalists have told us about their experiences with PR agencies and professionals in general isn’t pretty, citing complaints like, “I can’t stand the flood of unsolicited email that isn’t relevant to my beat,” “Access to top execs at companies is a key problem,” and “I am usually stunned by how little agencies truly know the business they’re calling me about and asking me to write a story on.”

Don’t worry. 6 Degrees knows better. But don’t take our word. We’ll give you the names of some journalists who’ll tell you.

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